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DMY Design Festival, Poetry Happens, Berlin, 2011 / Ventura Lambrate, Poetry Happens, Milan, 2011

Poetry Happens at Ventura Lambrate, DMY, Berlin-Milano, Milan, 2011

“Poetry is what happens when nothing else can”, Charles Bukowski

The exhibition Poetry Happens displays authentic, archetypal projects prototypes objects or installations with a narrative design quality.

Poetry as a headline gives every invited designer, architect or artist the freedom of his/her personal approach and interpretation of their work related to poetry.

The Poetry of making by emphasizing the personality of the maker or the unique and individual strategy of the créateur behind an object.

The Poetry of collages combines readymades or parts principles and mechanics from an existing daily productworld into a hybrid object with a new lifecycle including signs of usage which standard industrial production usually miss.

The Poetry of prototyping process models, mockups and regular prototypes generate the story and the evolution of creating - a narrative quality with often a bigger impact than the final product.

The Poetry of materials and technology-experiments is the engine behind the continous design evolution and as a result drives designhistory which would be blank and just a formal dicipline without the quantum leaps in materials and technologies.

The Poetry of spaces and installations expands the pure objects existance into space and environments which finally every object has to deal with.

The Poetry of sustainability starts at the moment when design objects tend to achieve an archetypal longlasting quality with a maximal visuallcontinuity - classic pieces and long runner in the market won´t absorb new ressources.

Curated by Werner Aisslinger, Tim Braun, Fabien Dumas

Participants: Apparatu&Mashallah, Werner Aisslinger, Mark Braun, Fabien Dumas, e27, ett la ben, Formfjord, Harald Gottschling, Mathias Hahn, Jerszy Seymour, Studio Makking&Bey, Marre moerel, Clemens Tissi, Maria Volokhova, Chinabrenner


April 12th – April 17th

Poetry Happens

Via Privata Oslavia 8, 20134 Milan