ICON UK 2012

all photos by courtesy of William Bagnoli


São Paulo Design Weekend, São Paulo, 2012 / Instant Stories, Berlin, 2012 / Instant Stories, Milan, 2012


September 12th - September 16th

Cable Factory

Tallbergsgatan 1

00180 Helsingfors, Finnland

Atamé at the Helsinki Design Week, Berliner Zimer, 2012

In 2012, Helsinki is World Design Capital.

Curated by DMY Berlin in collaboration with Atelier Haußmann the exhibition Berliner Zimmer will create an exemplary apartment showcasing the wide  range of design objects made in Berlin.

From Werner Aisslinger‘s experimental Hemp Chair to the lights family Atamé by Fabien Dumas, the objects on show will  reflect the diversity of Berlin‘s unique and vibrant design scene. The show will be enhanced by pictures of original Berlin apartments and living situations.

Participants: Werner Aisslinger / Atelier Haußmann / Björn Bernt & Anne Theresia Wanders / Bless / Coordination / Fabien Dumas / e27 / Nicola Jungsberger / Sigurd Larsen / Linea 1 / llot llov / Neue-Tische / Zascho Petkow / Studio Hausen