ICON UK 2012


Ventura Interieur, Kortrijk, 2012 /Ventura Bar, Milan, 2012

Tools - Clamp for DH PH, 2011

The production house of Maarten Baas, Den Herder Production House, has widened its horizon and is now also producing pieces for other designers, like Bertjan Pot and Fabien Dumas.

Thanks to this unique collaboration, Tools is now available as a serial-hand-made product and in different versions such as Tools - Table, a stand alone desk light.

Tools Clamp Light is a ready-made lighting objects, an hybrid between a lamp and a ruler. The design features an arm made from an extendible wooden ruler making it adjustable, in combination with already existing lighting components. This incomparable mix of materials into a narrative design is an invocation to poetry. The poetry of making, of collage, of prototyping and the poetry of sustainability.