DMY Design Festival, Jung und Deutsch, Berlin, 2005 / Lebensart, Hamburg, 2003 / Hoga, Nüremberg, 2003 / Luxe Pack, Forum Grimaldi, Monaco, 2002 / The Louvre Museum, SAD European Way(s) Of Life, Paris, 2002 / ICFF, Ingo Maurer, New York, 2002 / MAK Museum, Ephemer Visionär Ingo Maurer, Frankfurt, 2002 / Spazio Krizia, Ingo Maurer, Milan, 2002

Lightable at the Carrousel du Louvre for SAD, Paris, 2002

European way (s) of Life is an international exhibition of the SAD (Societe des Artistes Décorateurs) in May 2002 in the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

A large selection of recent work in the fields of design, architecture, fashion design, art objects, interior design and graphic design from across Europe will be shown.

The exhibition focuses on the question: Is there a common European culture or are there many different, existing side by side?