DMY Design Festival, Jung und Deutsch, Berlin, 2005 / Lebensart, Hamburg, 2003 / Hoga, Nüremberg, 2003 / Luxe Pack, Forum Grimaldi, Monaco, 2002 / The Louvre Museum, SAD European Way(s) Of Life, Paris, 2002 / ICFF, Ingo Maurer, New York, 2002 / MAK Museum, Ephemer Visionär Ingo Maurer, Frankfurt, 2002 / Spazio Krizia, Ingo Maurer, Milan, 2002

Lightable at Spazio Krizia by Ingo Maurer, Milan, 2002

Lightable was born from the cooperation with Julian Appelius during our studies at the HdK.

It is also the begin of a great adventure across 2 continents, 5 countries and 8 cities together with Ingo Maurer who kindly gave us our very first chance.

Via the physical principle, total reflection, light is transmitted through the glass top and remain invisible for the human eye. Placing an object, capable to transmit light, on the glass surface, by neglecting the meeting surfaces through complete flush contact, light emits from the glass surface and enlights the object.