Lightable at the ICFF, New York, 2002

At the end of journey there was the Big Apple.

Lightable was now in the USA at the showroom of Ingo Maurer during the ICFF and the response turned out to be beyond all expectations.

New York was a blast and will never forget how much fun it was to even paint in black almost the entire facade of the showroom. A kind of barter deal to re-finance the cost of our stay…


DMY Design Festival, Jung und Deutsch, Berlin, 2005 / Lebensart, Hamburg, 2003 / Hoga, Nüremberg, 2003 / Luxe Pack, Forum Grimaldi, Monaco, 2002 / The Louvre Museum, SAD European Way(s) Of Life, Paris, 2002 / ICFF, Ingo Maurer, New York, 2002 / MAK Museum, Ephemer Visionär Ingo Maurer, Frankfurt, 2002 / Spazio Krizia, Ingo Maurer, Milan, 2002