ICON UK 2012

all photos by courtesy of ett la benn

video by Angela Rui for Abitare

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São Paulo Design Weekend, São Paulo, 2012 / Instant Stories, Berlin, 2012 / Instant Stories, Milan, 2012

Instant Stories at Ventura Lambrate, DMY, Berlin-Milano, Milan, 2012

For the fifth edition of their Milan exhibition series „Made in Berlin“, contemporary design platform DMY presents the latest works of eleven extraordinary designers and creative studios from Berlin.

The exhibition „Instant Stories“ stages objects as elements of an overall story. Within large wooden cases, each designer put his/her work into a wider context developing his/her own still life scenery.

Emphasizing the narrative quality of design, the exhibition‘s setting enables the designers to seize on different aspects, attributes and concepts of their designs and to enhance these in a specific scenery. By staging their objects as characters, spinning them in tales or by shedding light on the initial inspirations and concepts, the settings enfold amusing, insightful and thought-provoking narratives.

The format of the case-stages corresponds to the 4:3 proportion of digital images. Already pre-configured to be instantly turned into a two-dimensional, mobile and

easy shareable medium, the sceneries help the objects to come to life not just within an ephemeral moment on the exhibition‘s stage, but as a handy snapshot you can take home.

Curated by: Werner Aisslinger, DMY and Fabien Dumas

Participants: Werner Aisslinger, Mark Braun, Heike Buchfelder, Coordination, Fabien Dumas, e27, ett la benn,

Oskar Fabian, David Hanauer, Studio Hausen, Hermann August Weizenegger


April 17th – April 22nd

Instant Stories

Via Privata Oslavia 8, 20134 Milan